Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER ~ oh so cliche'(sp?)lol

Here I am travelling North America and so entirely busy doing so, that I almost missed my opportunity to blog about this wonderful trip!

But here is my first entry of this voyage. And what a voyage it has been!

APRIL 30th, 2008

I am in British Columbia today. Quite nice to be back on Canadian soil, but missing very much the U.S. as well. I enjoy all of North America.

Well, BC isn't Florida, as far as the temps, but it is breath-takingly beautiful! A very cool morning, but beautiful.

All across the continent we know that temps haven't been what they "normally" are. Even while we were in Florida we experienced very cold temperatures during the day for a few days as a cold front went through. When that awesome Florida weather came back though it was so wonderful!

I left home in early March, from central Ontario, Canada, of course to escape the snow. Our snowplow drivers were on strike and the snow was unrelenting! Way too much snow, for me a non-winter person, was dumped on us over and over until we couldn't see the picnic table anymore and then cars were disappearing under the excess snow.

Where I live it is a thriving city, north of Toronto, but without snow removal, it looked like a hick town. There were no sidewalks to walk on so people were forced to walk in the roads, and two cars could barely pass in the streets. Only occassional snowplowing was done by contracted farmers and some managerial staff. It was quite the sight and feeling to be so "socked in by snow" like that.

Thusly and therefore, as my good friend always sums up,.... it was a good idea to get out of town to a warmer climate and wait out all this silliness.

We had been looking into the prospect of RV'ing and while we were on one of our cruises we met a couple who suggested that we go to an RV dealer in Florida called "Lazy Days".

We went and seen what they had and we bought a nice RV in Jan. of this year. We had to go home for awhile and then hoped to head back to Florida right away, but because of all the snow at home, we couldn't get out till March! Ugh.

When we finally got out, we first had to drive to Missouri to pick up a trailer to carry our "all wheel drive" vehicle that could not be towed behind our soon to be new RV.

We hauled the trailer to Florida and picked up our new RV.

Then our journey really began!

Simplified we took I-10 across the U.S. stopping at many attractions like the OK Corral, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas strip, and the San Fransisco Bay bridge in California.

On up the coast to B.C. to visit with relatives and onward! lol

~ Paula