Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yard Sale Weather ~ YAY!

Yard Sales / Garage Sales

The season for yardsales and garage sales is one of my favorite times of the year.

At last weeks yard sales I came home with a lot of goodies but for only a very few

dollars. My favorite garage sales are when people want to unload extras that they don't need and price things low to get them gone.
This is how I'd price my yardsale if I have one this year. I am not a good yardsale organizer myself, but I love to go to them.
I also try to abide by my self-imposed rule "for every item I bring home, one has to go".
This is so I don't accumulate too many items in my household.
(sounds good in theory)
We did come across some very high priced yardsales and we only browsed these and took note NOT to do this at our sales if we have one.
Asking too much for used items doesn't do much for anyone involved. The people trying to sell the items really are wanting to hold onto the goods. Nothing really sells (that is usually the results of highly priced goods, unless someone REALLY wants an item) Usually high prices indicate the seller is too attached yet to their goods & aren't ready to part with them just yet.
And for those yardsaling, they can either go away disappointed in everything being so high priced, or they can try to make an offer for an item at a more-reasonable-price-for-them.
On Sunday, a few of the sales from Saturday had left items out with a FREE sign.
From the FREE stuff I aquired some interesting items.

A pillar 8"x 4"
I really wanted to make a bird bath for my porch, and this seemed perfect to hold up a railing sized bird bath container.

Then the next sale we went to had another FREE section. I got a brass colored stand that even works better for the bird bath.

At that sale I also got a FREE brass milk can. I have it outside on the stairs comming up to the porch. I'm thinking of shining it up and adding dried branches to it as a decoration for inside the house. At least that is one idea I think might work for it.(oh btw, don't flip out, that's a ceramic cow skull. Not the real thing. )


One of the neat things I acquired from the yard saling last weekend, was this needlepoint kit for only $1.

When I got it, it only had the beak & the small section of the bird's cap done.

I enjoy working on this in the evenings while I listen to the tv.

I'm hoping that Sarah (lilux) & I can work on this project together.

Another project Sarah & I have started is sewing a blouse each. I'm not a sewer, but I do know how to sew as far as running a sewing machine and mending things. I've created a few small projects, but generally I don't sew.

Sarah is taking a class in highschool in which she is working on some sewing projects. One is a pillow that she has finished and it looks wonderful. I'll have to take a photo of it when she brings it back here again. Also she's made a doll that is filled with rice. It's used as a warm up comfy for little kids called a booboo aid, like a soothing heat pack for aches and pains.

Other projects she is working on for class is a couple of tops. One is a halter and I'm not sure what the second one is exactly.

I decided to share in this sewing experience with her. Wish me lots of luck. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. :-)

Here's the pattern and the materials we chose. I'll post a pic if we get them finished. ;-)

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22 2009

No MORE cold, No MORE frost, No more ice unless it's in my drinks. :-)
Almost May Two Four ... May 24th

It's been awfully nice the last couple of days. My kind of temps when it's 75 degrees F. and sunny bright and beautiful. I wish the same for everyone across this wonderful continent of ours. Canada & Usa both. Everyone deserves a break and some peaceful bliss, veg-out & enjoy, weather. Some need respite from flooding, and winds, and drought, and severe storms, as well as the dragging on of cold weather. I really do wish that everyone has a really good spell of "nice" weather to enjoy for the themselves.

I Just Love the bright colors they paint their bldgs and how interesting the sights are in the warmer climates.

< Dolphin Watch Pt Isabel

Egret at Sana Ana Reserve >

Chicks for Easter Brownsville FleaMarket ^

We are home from our travels in the USA & Mexico and really, I miss it greatly. I long to return. However there is so much to do here at home since we do now have nicer weather and the grass is pulled up high by the warm sun, and the gardening beckons. The birds are back and constantly a joy to maintain with they're summer feeders and special treats.

Sarah & Alexis planting beets

Keebie warming up the planter soil

HummingBirds returned May 11, 2009

Sammy enjoying the sunshine

Justyce & Sarah watering the rows

More beet planting

This year we have the boat to look forward to enjoying. It's in refurbish mode at the momment. Adding new carpet and tinkering with some details to put it into tiptop condition for fun on the water this year.
John & Mark surveying the removal of the old carpet on the boat.

Henry B cat helping with the boat renovations.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Home Again

It's Nice To Be

~ ~ ~

Our vacation went very well. Texas was warm and it was so good to be away from our usual winter cold weather in Ontario Canada. It didn't really matter what we were doing. Whether we were busy sight seeing, or kicking back relaxing. It was done in the warmth and that was such a pleasure. That was what our trip was all about.

We enjoyed the experiences of the Rio Grand Valley and surrounding area and we met some very lovely people who made our trip even more enjoyable with their company and hospitality.

Miss Jane who we met from our RV Park and John in Progresso, Mexico at Angel's Restaraunt. (even the pigeons on the windowsill outside were happy sunning themselves that day)

US Appreciation Day in Progresso Mexico. March 21st/09

Lots of beautiful pots to be found in Mexico.

La Feria Rodeo.

John at Iwo Jima Monument in Harligen TX.

Sand Castle Competition on Port Aransas TX.

One thing I learned on this vacation trip is to not take work along while vacationing. It can be a busy adventure vacationing and trying to fit work into the schedule was difficult for me. Especially when an internet signal was almost next to impossible to find for the most part.

Have you ever experienced that web page reload that seems to take forever, where you can basically go for a coffee and come back and it's still thinking about showing you the info on the next page and sometimes it "cannot load page" at all and if you typed anything it's all lost into cyberspace unless you copied it all to the clipboard before hand?
It's Not Nice.
That's how frustrating the internet connection can be when travelling without one of those "sticks" that allow the signal to be located even in motion on the road.

To top off the internet woes. When we arrive home, the computers on the home front have problems and must be fixed before any real extent of communications can be done.

Such is my cyber life for now.
Ah well.

I also managed to arrive home with some mild flu-like symptoms and don't feel all that inspired to sit at the computer.

Yes, we were in Mexico. But with a quick call to the Tele-Health nurses I discovered that the time frame was not in the short period of time that needed any worries as to serious concerns.
It was for those who had been in Mexico in the last week and a half. We were there over a month ago. Prior to any issues arising.

Still I feel a bit crummy at the momment but I am still up and busy getting settled back into the routine at Home.

Yes, it's really Nice to Be Home.