Friday, May 30, 2008

MAY 30TH, 2008

Our travels are almost over and we should be back home in Ontario, Canada in a couple of days.

We are thoroughly enjoying all the places we've been visiting.

We're in Flint Michigan area today. Actually closer to Davison. A town we really enjoy and so we decided to stay for a few days to explore it further.

It's raining a bit this morning, but the temperature is supposed to be warm and that is good enough for me, for now. Yesterday was sunny and so was the day before. I had a nice dose of sunshine and feel better for it.

So today we'll be doing more exploring of the area, especially the BEAD SHOP in town and the CRAFT SHOP I found on the gps map!!! Davison looks like a 'crafty' little town and has a few photography shops, yarn shops, and a hobby shop too! Now you can understand why I want to look around some more. lol

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~ Paula ~ p.s. Picture at the top shows some of the flooding we've seen on our travels, as the snow melts in the mountains so quickly and added rainfall adds to the situation. Rivers and streams can't handle the excess, and fields are under water everywhere. Luckily there haven't been too many personal items lost under the water, of homes along the banks of these waterways. So I'm not complaining too quickly on the little bit of rain we're getting here in Michigan this morning. It's nothing in comparison to what's going on in some of the central states, plus the destruction by the many tornados going through some areas.
Be safe! Be happy! Even better, be CRAFTY!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today is May 29th, 2008

This is so exciting!!!! Almost the end of May!
To me.......... this means warmth!
Sorry, but this issue is sooooo important to me. I just don't like being cold any longer at my age.

I once enjoyed skiing, tobboganing, skating, and hiking in the white stuff.
Now, I just feel the cold, the dampness, and the length of time it lingers in my area, way toooooo long.

I think winters were much nicer when I was a kid in the '60's. We got dumped on with a ton of snow. Banks of snow were up over the power lines on the streets. But it was an honest dumping of snow that came with a vengence, and stayed long enough to give mother-earth a rest and then it thawed out and on came the spring with warmer sunshine, rain showers, and then as promised in the rhyme.... spring flowers. It all went like clockwork as it was supposed to. We knew and expected it's pattern and all was well.

Then........something weird happened and snow didn't come in "dumps" and cover all as it usually did, and stay it's expected length of a usual winter span. We couldn't "expect" anything compared to 'normal' .

Winter came in and we wondered, "what would happen next?". Snow? As in will there be snow for Christmas? But rather we'd have, rain, thunderstorms, lightening, icy winds blowing us sideways, and once in a blue-moon, some sunshine. We all held our breath wondering what was comming next.

I am sorry, but I just don't like winter any more. I don't understand winters in Ontario any longer and I for one do not know what to expect. I never, ever, knew of a kid that would "dis" winter when I was a kid. Now, even my kids, use the 'h' word to describe it. They "hate" winter. So, I find myself much more inclined to enjoy a place during those months where it is at least expected to be a tad warmer without snow falls. Okay, at least for the most part. None of us anywhere on our planet, can guarantee anything with today's newest buzz words, "global warming".

Oh this post seems so negative!

Time for a change in tune! Ummmm..... Yeah, it's the end of May. Hopefully no more snow and freezing temps.

A BIG Hello to> Jesse, Sari, Jim, Lisa, Luc, Paige, Clinton, Brayden, Khalin, Glen, Sherilyn, Laura, Nigel, Ron, Angie, Ron(frank), Arlene, Rita, Marvin, Mark, Nancy, Alexis, Justyce, Sammy, Martha, Cody, & Kaos, ... we'll be home soon!

Monday, May 26, 2008

"MAY TWO FOUR WEEKEND" as I know it is called in Canada.

May 24th weekend in Canada is "Victoria Day" weekend. Our Queen's
birthday and a holiday that not only is supposed to honor (honour) the
Queen, but is much better known for a time to celebrate the season

May 24th is somewhat the "official" time to be able to plant a garden
with almost certainty that it will not get frost.

The phrase "two four" unfortunately also refers to the brewery
purchases that would be made prior to the weekend adventures/parties. A case of 24 beer, a.k.a. a two-four is a standard purchase for most on this weekend. At this time the Canadian beer stores have their parking lots filled to capacity and the waiting lines are outrageously long.

However, the weather is kinder and gentler than it has been to most Canadians in what seems like an extremely long time over the winter months, so it almost seems to soothe the savage beast in a lot of us Canuks and we seem kinder and gentler to each other, .... well, of
course once we have made our purchase at the brewery and are on our way to the cottage or putzing in the garden or lying in the sun with our "cool-one". (just a sidenote, not all Canadians partake of such habits, but it seems a lot of us do enjoy the "in and out" stores)

Now that I am in the U.S. for the May 24th weekend, I am experiencing some of the American celebrations associated with their Memorial Day.

While we were visiting Mount Rushmore we donated to the Buddy Poppy drive and recieved a little poppy on a long wire stem with a note attached that read, "Buddy Poppy" Wear it proudly".
We both have been wearing our poppys since we got them a couple of days ago, but we haven't seen anyone else wearing any poppys. We are just curious as to the lack of poppys on others, but maybe it is because the actual day of Memorial Day is May 30th, and that may be the day that is honored with the wearing of the poppys. As a Canadian, I am just guessing at this.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Internet Access hasn't been easy to aquire lately

MAY 18TH, 2008

Not only the mountainous area leaves us without a signal, but so does our server from time to time. Got to love those mountains! But that server issue is still not always a happy one.

Monday, May 12, 2008

MAY 12TH, 2008

After a rainy spring weekend here near Mount St. Helens Washington, we’ve started out the week with quite a beautiful sunshiny day for a Monday.

Spring has its awakening spirit showing in so many ways, as the winter season succumbs to the growing radiant warmth from our wonderful sun.

Such awakenings I discover in the mornings with the usual spring peepers finishing up a night of song and giving over to the robins as they begin their day with a new chorus. A ruffed grouse adds melodious drumming, as does a woodpecker with its own rendition and timing. A lone goose flies over, almost barking out the start of a fresh day, which is probably meant as a “Hey! Where is everyone? Wake Up!”

I surely love the sunshine! And actually I require it so much more in the spring than any other time of the year. By now I’ve had my fill of winter and its coldness, though I must admit that snow can be pretty to look at,… for awhile. It just lasts so very long in my home region of Canada. I tend to feel robbed of my daily dose of sunshine during the long winter months, and that is why I really look forward to the warmth and the natural vitamin A supplement that are anticipated in the spring and summer months.

Today looks like a fine day to explore more areas of this wonderful state of Washington. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we weren’t successful in getting very far up the mountains. Mt St Helens and Mount Rainer are both still “socked in” with snow covered roads and barriers limiting access.

We have discovered some other roads shown on a map, that we may be able to gain access from another side of the mountain and perhaps we will try these routes to see if we can travel further up and see more sights.

Mt St Helens anniversary is May 18th, 2008, and they will be plowing the roads at some time prior to the celebrations. Unfortunately we probably won’t be here quite that long.

I was quite pleased yesterday though, to see so many elk in our travels! They are quite literally, everywhere! We were warned by long time park residents where we are staying, that Hwy #12, that the park is adjacent to, is a road that the elk frequent, and to be careful. The elk are a very large animal and are similar to moose in northern Ontario, Canada. Elk are a very striking animal. They are so large and yet so graceful. We watched several of them as they easily cleared fences they were jumping at a 5ft height.

Onward to new adventures and more critters!

~ Paula

A side note of a wee setback we encountered yesterday. Upon opening the RV door to the outside, the steps did not extend. Most of the day yesterday was spent with electrical testers working to assess the problem, which in turn, for some rather strange reason, began blowing fuses and breakers. This morning has been dedicated to a continuation of the assessment, as we are still without front steps to use to get down from the RV to outside. Funny how important and useful this retractable and extendable feature can be, and how we can take it for granted when all is working fine.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Oh My Gosh!
Let's talk Expensive for a momment. How's One Thousand PLUS for ONE WEEK sound????????????????

We crossed the border over from the U.S.A. to Canada, and they called us from Verizon after only one week and said that we had a bill for over a thousand dollars, actually more to the amount of $1600 plus dollars and did we know? Um NO!!!!

We agreed to a $59 a month contract with verizon. But that was in the U.S. we didn't know it didn't go into Canada or we would have shut the thing off then and there.

Cut that verizon access off as soon as you cross the border and do not forget it! as ricky ricardo would say, "SPENSIVE!!!!!!"

So, I have not been able to write this blog or access any other internet ongoings. No emails. No chats. No online abilities at all.

I am so happy now to be able to find a wireless connection here in Washington State at this resort that we are staying at with the RV. I have to drive over to the building that emits the signal, but at least I am online for awhile. I am happy. lol

We tried to access Mount St. Helens yesterday and only reached the 2300 ft elevation due to excess snow on the roads and an impassible route and we had to turn around. Today we tried to access Mount Rainer, the highest Mountain in the North American continent, but also at the 2300 ft mark we had to turn around due to snow and an impassible route.

Mount St. Helens is supposed to open for it's anniversary on May 18th, but we will not be in the area at that time unfortunately.

We are scheduled to head onward toward Ontario before that time.

Today was a funny weather day. Rain then sunshine and then rain then sunshine and over and over and the same episodes all day long. Temperature fluctuating between 10 and 15 degrees Celcius all day.

We could visibly see the snow falling onto the trees up the sides of the mountains most of the day today. Oh how Ontario is looking so fine now compared to this weather in Washington's higher elevations! lol

Maybe a return to Tampa Flordia is in order??? lol

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More unknown travelling adventures


~ Another day to explore the B.C. adventures that await today beyond the awakening village of Anmore.

It's just after 5am and it sounds like it's going to be a really nice day as the birds have started singing thier morning songs and the spring peepers have just finished their nightly chorus'.

Soon the little hummingbirds should be frequenting the 2 feeders I have hung up for them. Then the bluejays will be around for a snack of black sunflower seeds in the bright yellow sunflower hanger I put up for them.

Yes, I am a true dedicated "critternut". I've got to have my share of adventures with the animals or it's just not a complete day.

It's been an awesomely amazing adventure having our 2 cats with us this entire trip. They have proven to be the best travelling buddies ever! Right from the truck ride down to MI to pick up the flat bed trailer we needed to put the truck on behind the RV. (the truck is an all-wheel drive vehicle that cannot be towed and must have all wheels up off the road when being hauled.)

These two cats have been a dream to have travelling with us. They had a cushion each in the truck's back seat to crawl up on to and they were perched up on these cushions either looking out as the scenery went by, or slept peacefully and content to know they were included in this adventure.

A cap was added to the truck so that they could also have the entire back of the truck to themselves for them to do thier "business", by climbing through the back window at anytime they needed to.

Under the back seat of the truck was thier dishes with dry cat food and water was available when we stopped the truck and got out at a rest area.

Then right on down to Florida where the cats thought it was a bit odd there wasn't any SN*W! You know, that ugly white stuff that we left in Ontario Canada, that can make us feel so cold an just want to stay indoors till it's gone.

Immediately they began to shed their winter coats... all over the inside and outside of the RV. Ugh. But hey, we got in lots of healthy brushing sessions and after awhile, they were thinner -haired and happier, less-shedding kitty cats.

Then the trip across the bottom of the U.S.A. towards California brought fluctuating temperatures that tended to be a bit cooler than Florida, and finally when we were at elevations of 6000 ft in the mountains it was darn cold! Then the 2 cats wished they had thier winter woolies still. We even encountered 8 feet of snow in California's Snowflower RV park. Not the California I had envisioned. lol

Now we are in Anmore and spring is "springing" and promises of warmer temperatures are comming true, with lovely pink flowered cherry trees, brilliant yellow daffodills, deep red tulips and many, many vibrantly colored plants and flowers to enjoy.

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~ Paula

Monday, May 5, 2008

WOW! It's May already! Yeah, the flower season...

I can't believe how the time flies! Seriously!
Even just to blog on daily events, it gets spread over a number of days sometimes longer before I can access any time to write something.

But, who can complain really when it is a "busy" that you are happily doing? lol

MAY 5th, 2008

Here we are with WARMER weather finally on the British Columbia side of my fair country, Canada. We are at a rather high altitude, so understandably so, we are a little behind some folks who are experiencing rather nice weather already. (lucky people!)


I canoed buntzen lake with my brother, who is "THE Vancouver Paddler". He wrote a book called the 'The Vancouver Paddler'. You can probably find it on

or another direct link is,

or here you can find his "Bush Basics" book,

Glen spends most of his time if he could in the interior of B.C. hiking and canoeing and being at one with nature.

When we crossed Buntzen Lake, we hiked to Indian Arm. I haven't done any physical exercise in years, but seemed to be okay with the whole trek. Even next day I didn't feel too over extended. I guess it's just a passion I have and wish that I could do it more often, and my body must be at the ready for such adventures. I thought I'd be hurtin' bad after that haul. lol

Staying here at Anmore a little hamlet in B.C. has been a REAL TREAT! The area is just absolutely gorgeous! The homes are so amazing! Big huge estates for the most part. Lovely landscaped yards. And I'm finding this time of year in B.C. the flowers here are even more lovely than when I was in Hawaii in November of 2007. But that must have something to do with the time of year I assume.

As I've been travelling I have been trying to keep in touch with everyone, including my Etsy friends at,

An absolutely wonderful website for anything HANDMADE.

Please check it out and let others know about this great website for all things hand crafted.

~ Paula