Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More unknown travelling adventures


~ Another day to explore the B.C. adventures that await today beyond the awakening village of Anmore.

It's just after 5am and it sounds like it's going to be a really nice day as the birds have started singing thier morning songs and the spring peepers have just finished their nightly chorus'.

Soon the little hummingbirds should be frequenting the 2 feeders I have hung up for them. Then the bluejays will be around for a snack of black sunflower seeds in the bright yellow sunflower hanger I put up for them.

Yes, I am a true dedicated "critternut". I've got to have my share of adventures with the animals or it's just not a complete day.

It's been an awesomely amazing adventure having our 2 cats with us this entire trip. They have proven to be the best travelling buddies ever! Right from the truck ride down to MI to pick up the flat bed trailer we needed to put the truck on behind the RV. (the truck is an all-wheel drive vehicle that cannot be towed and must have all wheels up off the road when being hauled.)

These two cats have been a dream to have travelling with us. They had a cushion each in the truck's back seat to crawl up on to and they were perched up on these cushions either looking out as the scenery went by, or slept peacefully and content to know they were included in this adventure.

A cap was added to the truck so that they could also have the entire back of the truck to themselves for them to do thier "business", by climbing through the back window at anytime they needed to.

Under the back seat of the truck was thier dishes with dry cat food and water was available when we stopped the truck and got out at a rest area.

Then right on down to Florida where the cats thought it was a bit odd there wasn't any SN*W! You know, that ugly white stuff that we left in Ontario Canada, that can make us feel so cold an just want to stay indoors till it's gone.

Immediately they began to shed their winter coats... all over the inside and outside of the RV. Ugh. But hey, we got in lots of healthy brushing sessions and after awhile, they were thinner -haired and happier, less-shedding kitty cats.

Then the trip across the bottom of the U.S.A. towards California brought fluctuating temperatures that tended to be a bit cooler than Florida, and finally when we were at elevations of 6000 ft in the mountains it was darn cold! Then the 2 cats wished they had thier winter woolies still. We even encountered 8 feet of snow in California's Snowflower RV park. Not the California I had envisioned. lol

Now we are in Anmore and spring is "springing" and promises of warmer temperatures are comming true, with lovely pink flowered cherry trees, brilliant yellow daffodills, deep red tulips and many, many vibrantly colored plants and flowers to enjoy.

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~ Paula


Piggy-Tails said...

Sounds like you are having a great adventure! Glad the kitties are enjoying it as well.

UxCritter said...

Thanks Sara! So glad you had a read through my blog and enjoyed it. Like I say, I am new to blogging, so one day I would like to have one as nice looking as yours is at http://saramcmartin.wordpress.com/