Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's about time I blogged again....

My Summer in photos.....
August is more than half way through now and lots has been happening over the summer months.
Our boat finally got out onto the waterways. It was a bit frustrating wondering if it was going to get to the water at all this summer with all the delays getting it ready. You know the story with ordered parts and how that goes.....

MotorBoat running after the boat? (the neighbours cat on the other side of Sammy cat's house)
The new kitten got the name MotorBoat because it's purrrrr is SO LOUD.

Henry B cat doesn't seem impressed that the new boat is gone.

Our first time out on the water! Our Maiden Voyage!

John & Sarah enjoying the boat and the sights.

Captain John

Sarah had to take my photo at some point to prove I was along for the ride. Even if it was the back of my head. My best side! lol
A lovely cottage on the water's edge.

This probably was a lovely cottage at one time too? The wallpaper is nice inside it. lol

Our two chubby cats with MotorBoat eating supper.

Boat motor problems...

and the results of DEER FLY BITES on my feet...

My feet swell up terribly for about 5 days before I get relief from the bites. Hot, and painful. I soaked them in Epsom salts and used some of my antioxidant essential oil blends to help the situation. This happened twice so far and yesterday was the first day I got relief from the swelling for the last week when we went out with John's daughter and her two kids.

Alexis enjoying a day out boating on the pontoon boat.

Mark & Lexi ~ first fish to be caught on the pontoon boat. Lexi caught it!

Nancy, Mark and Alexis

Captain John trying his hand at fishing.

Farmer Jack "Where did that WEED come from!!!"

Miss Oriole checking out the hummy bird feeder.


Very tired cats... sammy is up on the cat food storage bin totally stretched out to try to cool off it was such a hot day outside. (Sammy is our neighbour's cat from the north side of us. He adopted us when we moved in here 2 yrs ago.)

Keebee & Sammy

Henry B cat in the sunroom

MotorBoat in the livingroom

Summer time and Hot Air Balloons.

This one is going by our house rather often now. Looks like they are having a good summer.

An Update of sorts from our Garden.
I'm a little saddened to say that we plowed under the pea plants yesterday and it's the first clean-up of the garden after harvest time. Yes, it's past the middle of August, and I feel the impending downhill slide to FALL starting. And I once loved FALL in all it's colors and fresh coolness. Now unfortunately as I get older, it means w*nter isn't far behind and that is NOT my favorite season any longer.

Check out this Zucchini from our garden! Is this BIG? And our 2 plants have lots more of this size veggies.

Here,.....let me put this more into perspective for you.....

Justyce is such a great model. Her and Sarah picked this monster zucchini.