Friday, September 3, 2010

A Critterful Surprise!

I got the most wonderful surprise the other day. I had been chatting online with one of the Canadian Artisans from Etsy, and we were discussing the pages on her blog website.

With me being an absolute critter nut, I was so happy to find someone who enjoyed crafting and nature and who is also a fellow Canadian.

At the time, on her blog, she was running a very special feature as her birthday was approaching soon and she wanted to celebrate her special day with everyone online. She was having a draw on her blog for a prize.

Well, I was the very lucky individual who got to share in her birthday celebrations by winning the draw!


Mary Ann
Mary Ann is a lovely lady from the Muskoka area in Ontario, Canada.

She has two great shops on Etsy.
And a Beautiful Blog Website

Mary Ann is such a sweetheart. She's got so much on the go both online and in her own life. A lot of us on Etsy do tend to juggle a lot with home life and online business. The enjoyable part truly is that we are doing what we love to do.
~ Artwork and Crafting. ~

Here is the wonderful gift I recieved from Mary Ann:

I am a person who once loved fall & winter, but now that I am older I don't like the cold. These mittens mean so much to me as they will keep my hands toasty warm for the upcomming season. A neat bonus for me especially, is that they have the moose design on them, as I love animals so much.

Thank you Mary Ann!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful

Be sure to check out Mary Ann's etsy shops. She's got some amazing treasures in both of them!

One of My Very FAVORITES!
Mary Ann's artwork is captivating!
This  howling wolf painted on wood is gorgeous.
You can almost hear the howling going on.

She is such a talented individual! With the mittens, she enclosed a very well made and professionally presented brochure of many of her items. So informative, easy to read, and a great tool for any Etsy artisan to help promote themselves. I love this idea of the brochure. Beautifully done, Mary Ann!

There is so much I want to share about Mary Ann and her wonderful artisan lifestyle, but I encourage you to click through the links here and discover her talents yourself. She is a pleasure to talk to and is very easy going, very approachable and quite interesting to discuss things with.

It's been a real delight meeting Mary Ann.

Her shops are a must see adventure and her blog holds a wealth of further information about her and all her works of art, and tales of how she finds her vintage treasures she shares on Etsy.
It is truly worth your while to take time to discover as I have the very talented, pretty, and personable
Mary Ann Gonneau.

Thank You Mary Ann!
~ UxCritter a.k.a Paula >^..^<