Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not PUZZLED anymore

I've been hearing how long are we going to be Puzzled?

Since my last post we were puzzling with jigsaw puzzles and no word since, which is quite awhile. Sometime in Sept and now it's the ending days of October. Soon to be Halloween.

So we haven't done a puzzle since then. We have a beautiful one to work on that Jesse brought up here for us to work on. It is all about cats! Our favorite people!
It's called "Alley Cats". Hopefully we'll get a chance to start that one soon.

For now I just want to basically say "Hi !"
We're still working on various things.
The garden is finished for this year. We just got the last of the onions out of it. Some corn stalks are still standing. Those are dedicated to the neighbours for their Halloween decorations. The rest went to other friends who also wanted them for decorating for fall.
The pontoon boat has been trailered home. The marina staff were super duper and delivered it one morning into the yard. It's sweet living only a stone's throw from the lake. lol
I had some websites I've been wanting to share with others for quite sometime.
It's all just a matter of sitting down and getting the time to transfer some information. Although one of my major pet peeves with "blogger" is how extremely time consuming the editing process is for uploading photographs and captions. If it were any quicker you'd see a lot more blogs from me.
computer website ~
Here are some great websites I have discovered the one that I think is really helpful to anyone on a computer is Kim Komando's website with all kinds of FREE information on using a computer.
Here are Kim's Top 4 Must Haves for your computer utilities:
WOT ~ Web of Trust
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
CC Cleaner
PC Tools Antivirus
I have been using these 4 utilities for a few months now and have found them very useful.
Photography ~
For anyone taking photographs of items like I do to upload to the internet...
I highly recommend a lightbox
~ you aren't tied to only daylight hours to photograph your items.
For photo tips on props to use to make your photos more interesting:
Household Tips ~
A household information link I've found tremendous :
Home Made Laundry Detergent ~ for just pennies a load
Easy to Make!
Lasts a long time!
Pennies a load!
Works great!
Also the fabric softener is my FAVORITE!!!
It smells heavenly!
costs pennies to make!
...so it's environmentally sound....
Just a warning ~ when adding the baking soda to the vinegar and water, do it in extremely small doses or you'll have a huge mess to clean up. lol