Sunday, May 11, 2008


Oh My Gosh!
Let's talk Expensive for a momment. How's One Thousand PLUS for ONE WEEK sound????????????????

We crossed the border over from the U.S.A. to Canada, and they called us from Verizon after only one week and said that we had a bill for over a thousand dollars, actually more to the amount of $1600 plus dollars and did we know? Um NO!!!!

We agreed to a $59 a month contract with verizon. But that was in the U.S. we didn't know it didn't go into Canada or we would have shut the thing off then and there.

Cut that verizon access off as soon as you cross the border and do not forget it! as ricky ricardo would say, "SPENSIVE!!!!!!"

So, I have not been able to write this blog or access any other internet ongoings. No emails. No chats. No online abilities at all.

I am so happy now to be able to find a wireless connection here in Washington State at this resort that we are staying at with the RV. I have to drive over to the building that emits the signal, but at least I am online for awhile. I am happy. lol

We tried to access Mount St. Helens yesterday and only reached the 2300 ft elevation due to excess snow on the roads and an impassible route and we had to turn around. Today we tried to access Mount Rainer, the highest Mountain in the North American continent, but also at the 2300 ft mark we had to turn around due to snow and an impassible route.

Mount St. Helens is supposed to open for it's anniversary on May 18th, but we will not be in the area at that time unfortunately.

We are scheduled to head onward toward Ontario before that time.

Today was a funny weather day. Rain then sunshine and then rain then sunshine and over and over and the same episodes all day long. Temperature fluctuating between 10 and 15 degrees Celcius all day.

We could visibly see the snow falling onto the trees up the sides of the mountains most of the day today. Oh how Ontario is looking so fine now compared to this weather in Washington's higher elevations! lol

Maybe a return to Tampa Flordia is in order??? lol

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