Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today is May 29th, 2008

This is so exciting!!!! Almost the end of May!
To me.......... this means warmth!
Sorry, but this issue is sooooo important to me. I just don't like being cold any longer at my age.

I once enjoyed skiing, tobboganing, skating, and hiking in the white stuff.
Now, I just feel the cold, the dampness, and the length of time it lingers in my area, way toooooo long.

I think winters were much nicer when I was a kid in the '60's. We got dumped on with a ton of snow. Banks of snow were up over the power lines on the streets. But it was an honest dumping of snow that came with a vengence, and stayed long enough to give mother-earth a rest and then it thawed out and on came the spring with warmer sunshine, rain showers, and then as promised in the rhyme.... spring flowers. It all went like clockwork as it was supposed to. We knew and expected it's pattern and all was well.

Then........something weird happened and snow didn't come in "dumps" and cover all as it usually did, and stay it's expected length of a usual winter span. We couldn't "expect" anything compared to 'normal' .

Winter came in and we wondered, "what would happen next?". Snow? As in will there be snow for Christmas? But rather we'd have, rain, thunderstorms, lightening, icy winds blowing us sideways, and once in a blue-moon, some sunshine. We all held our breath wondering what was comming next.

I am sorry, but I just don't like winter any more. I don't understand winters in Ontario any longer and I for one do not know what to expect. I never, ever, knew of a kid that would "dis" winter when I was a kid. Now, even my kids, use the 'h' word to describe it. They "hate" winter. So, I find myself much more inclined to enjoy a place during those months where it is at least expected to be a tad warmer without snow falls. Okay, at least for the most part. None of us anywhere on our planet, can guarantee anything with today's newest buzz words, "global warming".

Oh this post seems so negative!

Time for a change in tune! Ummmm..... Yeah, it's the end of May. Hopefully no more snow and freezing temps.

A BIG Hello to> Jesse, Sari, Jim, Lisa, Luc, Paige, Clinton, Brayden, Khalin, Glen, Sherilyn, Laura, Nigel, Ron, Angie, Ron(frank), Arlene, Rita, Marvin, Mark, Nancy, Alexis, Justyce, Sammy, Martha, Cody, & Kaos, ... we'll be home soon!

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