Monday, May 26, 2008

"MAY TWO FOUR WEEKEND" as I know it is called in Canada.

May 24th weekend in Canada is "Victoria Day" weekend. Our Queen's
birthday and a holiday that not only is supposed to honor (honour) the
Queen, but is much better known for a time to celebrate the season

May 24th is somewhat the "official" time to be able to plant a garden
with almost certainty that it will not get frost.

The phrase "two four" unfortunately also refers to the brewery
purchases that would be made prior to the weekend adventures/parties. A case of 24 beer, a.k.a. a two-four is a standard purchase for most on this weekend. At this time the Canadian beer stores have their parking lots filled to capacity and the waiting lines are outrageously long.

However, the weather is kinder and gentler than it has been to most Canadians in what seems like an extremely long time over the winter months, so it almost seems to soothe the savage beast in a lot of us Canuks and we seem kinder and gentler to each other, .... well, of
course once we have made our purchase at the brewery and are on our way to the cottage or putzing in the garden or lying in the sun with our "cool-one". (just a sidenote, not all Canadians partake of such habits, but it seems a lot of us do enjoy the "in and out" stores)

Now that I am in the U.S. for the May 24th weekend, I am experiencing some of the American celebrations associated with their Memorial Day.

While we were visiting Mount Rushmore we donated to the Buddy Poppy drive and recieved a little poppy on a long wire stem with a note attached that read, "Buddy Poppy" Wear it proudly".
We both have been wearing our poppys since we got them a couple of days ago, but we haven't seen anyone else wearing any poppys. We are just curious as to the lack of poppys on others, but maybe it is because the actual day of Memorial Day is May 30th, and that may be the day that is honored with the wearing of the poppys. As a Canadian, I am just guessing at this.


Poppy's Mom said...

Hey! How are you guys? Long time now hear. Hope all is well. Say Hi to my Dad.


UxCritter said...

Hey there Poppy's Mom! Thanks for the comment here on my blog about the 'poppys' for wearing on Memorial Day in the U.S.A. and Remberence Day in Canada.

Your Dad read your comment too here with me and we left a comment on your Blog.

We're doing fine and should be back in Ontario in a couple of days.

~ Paula