Monday, May 5, 2008

WOW! It's May already! Yeah, the flower season...

I can't believe how the time flies! Seriously!
Even just to blog on daily events, it gets spread over a number of days sometimes longer before I can access any time to write something.

But, who can complain really when it is a "busy" that you are happily doing? lol

MAY 5th, 2008

Here we are with WARMER weather finally on the British Columbia side of my fair country, Canada. We are at a rather high altitude, so understandably so, we are a little behind some folks who are experiencing rather nice weather already. (lucky people!)


I canoed buntzen lake with my brother, who is "THE Vancouver Paddler". He wrote a book called the 'The Vancouver Paddler'. You can probably find it on

or another direct link is,

or here you can find his "Bush Basics" book,

Glen spends most of his time if he could in the interior of B.C. hiking and canoeing and being at one with nature.

When we crossed Buntzen Lake, we hiked to Indian Arm. I haven't done any physical exercise in years, but seemed to be okay with the whole trek. Even next day I didn't feel too over extended. I guess it's just a passion I have and wish that I could do it more often, and my body must be at the ready for such adventures. I thought I'd be hurtin' bad after that haul. lol

Staying here at Anmore a little hamlet in B.C. has been a REAL TREAT! The area is just absolutely gorgeous! The homes are so amazing! Big huge estates for the most part. Lovely landscaped yards. And I'm finding this time of year in B.C. the flowers here are even more lovely than when I was in Hawaii in November of 2007. But that must have something to do with the time of year I assume.

As I've been travelling I have been trying to keep in touch with everyone, including my Etsy friends at,

An absolutely wonderful website for anything HANDMADE.

Please check it out and let others know about this great website for all things hand crafted.

~ Paula


Pegg said...

Hey Paula, it sounds as though you are having a fantastic vacation!! Enjoy!

UxCritter said...

Thanks so much pegg for your lovely comment here on my blogspot!

I'm glad you had a chance to read a bit of my travel adventures.

Yes, we are having a wonderful time!

I wish for yourself and everyone, to be able to experience this kind of "fantastic vacation" as you say.