Monday, May 4, 2009

Home Again

It's Nice To Be

~ ~ ~

Our vacation went very well. Texas was warm and it was so good to be away from our usual winter cold weather in Ontario Canada. It didn't really matter what we were doing. Whether we were busy sight seeing, or kicking back relaxing. It was done in the warmth and that was such a pleasure. That was what our trip was all about.

We enjoyed the experiences of the Rio Grand Valley and surrounding area and we met some very lovely people who made our trip even more enjoyable with their company and hospitality.

Miss Jane who we met from our RV Park and John in Progresso, Mexico at Angel's Restaraunt. (even the pigeons on the windowsill outside were happy sunning themselves that day)

US Appreciation Day in Progresso Mexico. March 21st/09

Lots of beautiful pots to be found in Mexico.

La Feria Rodeo.

John at Iwo Jima Monument in Harligen TX.

Sand Castle Competition on Port Aransas TX.

One thing I learned on this vacation trip is to not take work along while vacationing. It can be a busy adventure vacationing and trying to fit work into the schedule was difficult for me. Especially when an internet signal was almost next to impossible to find for the most part.

Have you ever experienced that web page reload that seems to take forever, where you can basically go for a coffee and come back and it's still thinking about showing you the info on the next page and sometimes it "cannot load page" at all and if you typed anything it's all lost into cyberspace unless you copied it all to the clipboard before hand?
It's Not Nice.
That's how frustrating the internet connection can be when travelling without one of those "sticks" that allow the signal to be located even in motion on the road.

To top off the internet woes. When we arrive home, the computers on the home front have problems and must be fixed before any real extent of communications can be done.

Such is my cyber life for now.
Ah well.

I also managed to arrive home with some mild flu-like symptoms and don't feel all that inspired to sit at the computer.

Yes, we were in Mexico. But with a quick call to the Tele-Health nurses I discovered that the time frame was not in the short period of time that needed any worries as to serious concerns.
It was for those who had been in Mexico in the last week and a half. We were there over a month ago. Prior to any issues arising.

Still I feel a bit crummy at the momment but I am still up and busy getting settled back into the routine at Home.

Yes, it's really Nice to Be Home.

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serra said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway, I hope you win as your welcome home gift :)

texas looks so warm and sunnylicious.