Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22 2009

No MORE cold, No MORE frost, No more ice unless it's in my drinks. :-)
Almost May Two Four ... May 24th

It's been awfully nice the last couple of days. My kind of temps when it's 75 degrees F. and sunny bright and beautiful. I wish the same for everyone across this wonderful continent of ours. Canada & Usa both. Everyone deserves a break and some peaceful bliss, veg-out & enjoy, weather. Some need respite from flooding, and winds, and drought, and severe storms, as well as the dragging on of cold weather. I really do wish that everyone has a really good spell of "nice" weather to enjoy for the themselves.

I Just Love the bright colors they paint their bldgs and how interesting the sights are in the warmer climates.

< Dolphin Watch Pt Isabel

Egret at Sana Ana Reserve >

Chicks for Easter Brownsville FleaMarket ^

We are home from our travels in the USA & Mexico and really, I miss it greatly. I long to return. However there is so much to do here at home since we do now have nicer weather and the grass is pulled up high by the warm sun, and the gardening beckons. The birds are back and constantly a joy to maintain with they're summer feeders and special treats.

Sarah & Alexis planting beets

Keebie warming up the planter soil

HummingBirds returned May 11, 2009

Sammy enjoying the sunshine

Justyce & Sarah watering the rows

More beet planting

This year we have the boat to look forward to enjoying. It's in refurbish mode at the momment. Adding new carpet and tinkering with some details to put it into tiptop condition for fun on the water this year.
John & Mark surveying the removal of the old carpet on the boat.

Henry B cat helping with the boat renovations.


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It's okay to comment. Henry b cat doesn't bite. honest. I would love to hear from you. ~ Ux

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Lovely weather here in Calgary - glad you're enjoying some sunshine too!

I just gave your blog an award! Look here:


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Ah, Nathalie. Thank you! Now I need to see if I know 15 bloggers to pass this award along to. :-)