Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fire Burning at Lake Sturgeon Today it's still burning as I type...

Fires burning steadily at Lake Sturgeon today.
*next day update ~ looks like the cottages are still intact! I'm going to view them now.

A big fire has consumed a few of the lakeside cottages on Sturgeon Lake.

It started today just after lunch and is still burning now.

At first I thought it was perhaps discarded broken glass that worked like a magnifying glass with the sun to start the brush fire. I have heard of this happening before. But when the thick black smoke started filling the entire sky around us and people from everywhere were comming onto our street I walked out to see that indeed it was looking more like a deliberately set series of fires, targeting the cottages along the lake front.

Now it is spanning a huge section of the lake front and the flames are quite high at times.

* I just got back from surveying the damage this morning.
YAY!!! All the Cottages are safe and sound this morning!
From our perspective last night, with all that severe black smoke, it looked like these cute cottages were gone. We could see the high antenna and just flames and black smoke.
These are the cottages nearby the fire. Some of the cottages were being used

And some were abandoned

I don't know if many on our street will be able to sleep tonight wondering if the fires are going to be able to put out.
All these cottages are only accessible by boat so it makes it extremely difficult to put them out.
I'm happy that it wasn't as bad as it looked!
~ Ux

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