Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Hands Keep Me Happy!

I have been knitting & crocheting slippers most nights while I sit with the family watching tv. I enjoy making them and it keeps  my hands and mind busy. I'm not much of a tv person except lately I've enjoyed American Idol. :-)

Slippers ~

I've been using up all the various scrap yarn I have accumlated. So multicolored slippers are the result.

Also the cats enjoy the many knit and crocheted cat toys I like to make and stuff with the catnip we grow.
A small sampling of the toys I've made for the cats.

Last night I recieved a new pattern book in the mail that I ordered from a friend's shop on etsy.
It's a critter book.
I started my first crochet project last night after it arrived.


And for the JEWELRY I've been working on...

There is always something new in the works.

Summer is almost here and it's time for anklet's and toe rings.
Oh I love the warm weather!


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