Monday, June 2, 2008

JUNE 2nd, 2008


Oh Canada!

A great place to be when it isn't snowing! lol

We returned home to wonderfully warm weather. Today it was sunny all day! It was awesome. I got a lot accomplished which always feels so good.

But then as I look around and see all that is to be done..... it is a little scarey and I think I may need another vacation really soon! With this amazing warm weather comes all the many many things that need doing. Not only outside, as in the gardening, weeding, lawn maintenance, watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc, etc, but also all the inside chores that need attending to since we've been away for so long. Lots to do. Ah, but it will keep me outta trouble! heh.

Back to routine. There is a lot to be said for routine. We all require it I believe. I know that I function better with a routine. Something definite to look forward to each day.

I'm back on the exercise and vitamin kick now that I am home and it feels so good to get that 30 minute work out established again, for which of course energy begets more energy.

Now to drop those extra 'vacation pounds' from eating so well along the RV trail. Especially those wonderful all you can eat buffets! Delightful, but they can pack on the pounds rather quickly.

Also I find that I am wanting to do more of my crafting now that I am home, which is super! I was so busy with RVing and seeing the country that I didn't really miss my crafting. Now that I am home I am very interested in creating things once again.

Please be sure to check out my Etsy page and all of Etsy in general as a wonderful handmade creative website full of great homemade items. There is something for everyone at Etsy.

~ Paula a.k.a. "uxcritter"

I'd rather be beading!

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