Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's official!
Our street Cookie Exchange is underway!!!

Alexis and I handed out all the flyers on our street and we already have 5 confirmations.
so that's 5 dozen cookies and counting.......................................

I opened another ETSY shop today: www.AffordableFUN.etsy.com

I feel a bit like Santa's Helper in that I was sitting looking at all the things my kids and I have created over time and how I really just wanted to see these things out there and loved.
So I decided to open a new Etsy shop today with hopes that some who may not have a lot of money to spend will be able to buy special little goodies for themselves and their loved ones. I guess I'm getting mushy with the Christmas Spirit.


Steel City Bakery said...

Neat idea about the cookie exchange! What are you going to do with them or who are you exchanging them with?

UxCritter said...

Hi Steel City Bakery!!! You've got some serious yummy baking in your shop!

My cookie exchange this year is with my new neighbours where I just moved to. I will see how many people will join in and then we will get together and exchange our baked goodies.

Meanwhile exchanging holiday traditions and special foods we associate with the holiday too. Fun times!!! thanks for asking.

RGebbiePhoto said...

Sounds like a good way to build community within your own neighborhood. Best of luck, enjoy a few of those cookies for me.