Tuesday, November 4, 2008


And then came NOVEMBER....

*** A new month with new adventures.***

November is a month of changes happening, like seasonal, and time changes, and with these changes, there is also time to reflect on a year almost in completion.

Clocks falling back, allowing us to gain back a bit of lost hours of sleep, if we care to partake of it.

Cooler weather, with some very fine days ...

and some very not so fine days.

Time to think about Christmas time approaching.

The upcomming events, when we gather with family and friends.

Time to think about what these people mean to us and how we'd like to show our appreciation towards them with Prezzies!

Now this can be a fun thing to do ...

Like shopping online @
for all your handmade gifts!

and there are oodles of ideas online at ETSY

just check it out!!!


or Shopping can be a matter of fact thing to do...

of gotta get it done regardless of what it takes.

or a Leave It Till The Last Minute approach...

making it fun and getting it done, is my choice.
I start looking at interesting gift ideas for my close friends and family actually all year round. I'll see something and think of someone who'd just love it.

The only trouble I have with this, is keeping it until it's time to be given to the recipient. I just have such a terrible time holding onto gifts. I either end up giving them too soon, ...

or I put them away so well hidden, that I have no idea where I put them when it's time to give the gifts.

and with that...

I'm going to look for last years gifts I still havent' found yet! Honest, ... "old age!... lol

and I still have time!

It's only NOVEMBER....

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Gillianbeads said...

What a GREAT blog posting Ux! I can identify with everything you said...gonna go look for some "missing" presents from last year, LOL.