Friday, October 31, 2008


Our neighbourhood ghouls and gobblins that visited us this HALLOWEEN eve...

Pumpkin Head and the PRINCESS and a devilish character too!

a.k.a. Justyce & Alexis

Then Cleopatra showed up with a happy witch with a BIG wart on her chin and ....

well....the other character was in disquise so we never did discover the identity of this one.

Then more devilsh characters showed up with golden haired beauties and hobos and hockey goalie ghouls too!

More neighbourhood kids enjoying tricks and treats.

A Parachuter, and a very cool looking 50's dude like The Fonz, and ...

Pumpkins, red-nosed curly haired individuals and more ghoulie ghouls and a cute little gal our camera sort of captured

We Hope Everyone Had a GREAT GHOULISH Happy Halloween!


Pegg said...

Paula it looks like you had a great Halloween night!!

Poppy's Mom said...

Hey, great photos. We had lots of kids too. The rain held off thankgoodness!