Thursday, October 16, 2008



These Maid Service cards are designed to let everyone know when you require time off.
You know they can do it themselves, but it's getting the message across to them in an effective way.

With this handy little card you can get your message across in a direct but fun way.Enjoy a chuckle right along with your family and friends with this maid service button message.Cute but effective!

Some Etsy Crafts people who will be vendors at upcomming craft shows, have been wonderfully kind in asking other Etsy shop owners for promo items to hand out at their tables during the show to help promote

I came up with a promo item that I am quite pleased with, which uses a listing from my shop and also has all my shop's information right on it. It is pictured above.

Here is the listing as it actually is in my Etsy shop:


Maria said...

Very cute ux!

UxCritter said...

Thanks for the complimentary comment Maria! I love comments! lol