Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GARDENING 101 at our house

UXCRITTER ~ How Does Your Garden Grow?
My garden grows just fine!

Stages of Growth from starting my garden May 4th

Jesse washing the car by the garden June 12th
~the peas are doing wonderful as they are a cool weather crop and it's been nice and cool here most days.
~ the tomatoes aren't doing that well as you can see they are still quite small next to the row of peas
~ the 3 rows of corn are really trying to make a statement to show they are there.
~the beets (seedlings were started in a planter that a gust of wind blew over) are trying
~the squash plants are really thriving well, but are so far away at the end of the pic they can't be seen well

Justyce got into her bathing suit and was soaked in no time as she tried to help Jesse wash the car and managed to soad Jesse really well too.

Oh, oh, bubbling paint on the bumper of the car. Oh My Gosh! Who put that there?

Now to show off some of my new CRAFT projects :-)
This is the cotton yarn I recieved from the Destash/ Swap on Etsy/Flickr.
I've made a bunch of dish cloths
sweat bands for wrists
and headbands

UXCRITTER ~ How Does Your Garden Grow?


My garden grows just fine!

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MeAndMomsCrafts said...

My garden doesn't grow. I don't have a green thumb. I wish I did but no matter how many times I try I just can't get anything to grow very well. :-(