Thursday, June 18, 2009

A TRUE One of a Kind Crafter!

A TRUE ONE of a 'KIND'er'?
This is how much of a ONE OF A KIND person I am. I have always had an extremely difficult time making 2 of anything!
I love to create new designs, and bringing new color combinations together is exciting.

BUT, whenever it involves having to make a second one of anything,....

I just DO NOT want to do it.

It's a major struggle for me to recreate a second of the same.

Actually it's really, really boring when the excitement is gone.

The creativity is gone. Now it becomes repetition.

~Also I find it extremely annoying having to recall what I did on the first design, if I didn't write it down somewhere. This takes away from the fun too. I get a lot of enjoyment from making little fun tweaks to designs so they are bit more unique and to my liking.
I'm not really good at following patterns, as I find them rather boring and actually a lot of the time down right frustrating to try to understand. I usually like to make up my design as I go. That holds the excitement for me in the newness of the project.
I'm sure this is why so many craft projects of mine get left undone, and this is probably true of a lot of other people too. Projects started with enthusiasm, are then left and for the most part forgotten. Depending on how big a project is, it seems the bigger ones with more time involved to complete them, somehow lose the freshness, fun, and excitement of tackling a new design.

I usually have to look at those almost forgotten projects of mine as a challenge. My challenge needs to require me to finish them so that I can check it off my list of things accomplished.

And let me tell you, that can be a real challenge. But that is something I've grown to understand in myself over time. I love a challenge! Which can be really cool! It helps me to stretch outside my comfort zone most times. And that can be good for me.

My solution for my dilemma of not wanting to make a second of a design is now....
I make 2 at the exact same time!

{~ by the way, did you check out the beautiful colors in the blanket we brought back from Mexico in the top photo}

Sometimes, it can be a bit of a challenge if I only have one ball of a color that I want to use. But I can do it by using the

~~~~~ inside end and the outside end ~~~~~

of the ball and it goes along not too badly. Though I'd rather use separate balls of yarn for each project.

These gloves I'm working on now are for my bead lady.

We spoke about handwarmers for her and she said she'd like purple ones. So hopefully I can get these delivered to her and maybe pick up some new supplies when I am there.

(now do I really 'need' more supplies?, yeah, like a cat needs fleas)

Check out this GREAT GIVE AWAY from an Etsy Artist!


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Jo Ann gallagher said...

Cute post, Paula! I agree! I hate duplicating anything! You are right- the thrill is gone then. I am now a follower to your blog, dear friend!