Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doggie Daycare for 4 days

Doggie DayCare ~ we looked after Lexi puppy (8 months old Bordeaux Dogue)

I tried a red doggie anklet on Lexi to match her red bandana, but I like the brown wooden bead anklet on her better. What do you think?


UxCritter said...

She's just a tiny lil thing in her mind i'll bet! She was good as gold when she was here. The cats of course couldn't wait till she was out of the house and they ruled once again.

H20works said...

I love Lexi's smile! Cracked me up, and the last one with Justyce and Lexi is a keeper too. Thanks for sharing!


missknits said...

awww how sweet!! just look at that face!