Saturday, July 11, 2009

Garden Update & more

Our Garden ~ Planted May 4th, 2009

June 12/09
Everyone watching the garden grow ~
Our first big harvest ~ Zucchini's, Beet Tops, a few peas
John decided to make his famous spaghetti from some of the harvest.
I decided to bake some treats to go with the spaghetti dinner.
John bought whole wheat flour and so I made some healthy fattening treats. lol
Too Full of apples ~ Apple Pie ~
~ from Sarah's small patch of strawberries beside our house.
The PERFECT strawberry. :-)

Check out our easy way to prepare strawberries for eating.
Use a regular drinking straw and skewer up through the bottom directly under the green cap at the top and push the core and the stem right out.
These are the core and green stems discarded.

Then we sprinkle on some white sugar and voila! Ready to enjoy!
My Porch Container Gardening ~ The birds and I enjoy the up-close container garden.

I seem to have a lot of volunteer sunflowers this year from the bird feeders.
The bird bath I got from a yardsale for FREE.
The birdies love it, but they do tend to get all the shells from the sunflower seeds in it quite often, but I don't mind cleaning it for them though.

Moths keep getting inside our gazebo and we've had some really interesting ones come to visit. The first one is a leaf moth.
I haven't looked up the other one yet on Google.


Jo Ann Gallagher said...

Enjoyed looking through all of your pics, Paula! Nice big yard you have there. Looks like you stay busy!

Poppy's Mom said...

Hey the Garden looks great!! Can't wait to see it in person. Even a picture of Dad in there too! Hope all is well.


UxCritter said...

Thanks ladies for having a look at the gardening progress.

Paige, we really look forward to your visit soon. Can't wait!

~ Paula

Dre said...

Your gardens look beautiful! My gardens look sad but they are trying, especially my tomatoes.
♥ That leaf moth is cool