Friday, December 26, 2008


seekrit santa gifts

This is the amazing gift package I recieved from my Seekrit Santa.
Enthral sent exactly what I had hinted to as my favorite things! Earthy elements of nature. I recieved copper jewelry and a way-cool leather cuff that I only took off for this photo. The hair elastics are going to lilux and she loves them. My hair is too short for them otherwise I'd not let them go. Thanks so much Enthral!

Things I sent to Intentionally Crooked, my seekrit santa recipient. Beeswax tapers, bath salts, my Fine Essentials best seller, "Headache Away" (which I hope she never has to use, but in case she does it's now handy for her to do so), 2 knit/crochet cotton wash cloths, and a big ol' dairymilk chocolate bar to share with her family if she chooses to share. lol And one of our funny family traditions at christmas, is to wrap something unexpected in a prezzie, like a potato, or an onion, and stick it in a pocket or sock or something. So I added a clementine orange to this parcel. Sent a month ago, it ought to be interesting to hear how it looked on christmas morn. Perhaps a lil bit dried up? : )


Gillianbeads said...

Ux, what wonderful gifts you received!! Congrats and Happy Holidays!

mchen said...

Fun fun fun seekrit stuff, Ux! Merry Christmas to you and your fam :)