Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We've Got S*N*O*W !!!!!

Yes, we have Got Snow!
But the little birds don't seem to mind a whole lot as long as they have seeds to eat.

This one looked up as I took it's picture. What's he trying to tell me???

This is how much snow we woke up to after last night's snowfall.

There was about half this much yesterday.

Then it started snowing again shortly after daybreak.
So much snow is comming down even as I type now at 1:30pm and it's gotten so overcast to the point that the porch lights can be seen. The color blue at the bottom of the porch light is the blue light glowing since it's got quite overcast with the clouds and steady falling snow.
And it's kind of funny,
how it's just as bad looking out the side of the house...
As it is out the front and even out the back of the house looks like a blizzard too!

It's snowing EVERYWHERE, all around us!
; )


And do you think a single cat can be found anywhere???
I had to go find where they curled up to hide till all this snow stops.

I found Henry ...
Next I found Sammy with his paw over his face, and he only looked up for a second to basically give a quick chuckle of contentment since he's inside so there's no worries!

I had to look extra hard to find Keebie's hiding spot, but I finally found her here.

Tough being a CAT!

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