Monday, August 18, 2008

And So Starts Another Week....


Are Monday's really that bad????

Yeah, they certainly can be!!!

But if you want to think about Monday's in a better way...
1) It's only 3 more days and then it's Friday again!

2) If you screwed up last week, you've got a fresh new start with this week to make it better.

3) It only happens once a week. (thank goodness!)


Add to all this the crazy weather that can accompany some Monday's...


Our Monday here in Southern Ontario started out hot with lots of sunshine.

Then a wind came up out of nowhere and the rains came.
Then the sunshine,
then more rain,
then sunshine,
then more rain.
This happened about 6 times and then the hail started and I thought the winds were going to blow the large tree down outside our window!

I wanted to take a picture... but could only get a pic of this funky feeder...

The rains and wind were so bad I grabbed a quick pic of this hummingbird feeder that came from Arizona. Tubac AZ to be specific. It has test tubes to fill with nectar to represent access to a real flower's nectar, as well it has hangers to hang up regular feeders, or anything else you'd like to hang up, including flowers or seed feeders.

I will insert awesome pic of hummingbirds from my trip photos in a bit....when I find them...

Well, I didn't find the awesome humming bird upclose photos that I hoped to find, ...
but here's one from the feeder in the above photo.

I have a bunch of feeders altogether that bring in a wide variety of birds. I have many different hummingbirds comming to the feeders. I think one pair have a nest in the tree outside our window, but I have yet to spot the itsy bitsy nest of theirs.

I have so many feeders for them to access, plus I have a niger seed feeder for the finches, and I have 2 black oil sunflower feeders for the rest of the birds. Chickadees, purple finches, gold finches, cardinals, doves, blue jays, baltimore orioles, grosbeaks, and other plainer looking birds I haven't yet identified. I love them all! They make me happy!

When the hail came down it wasn't a lot, but enough to chase the birds away and bring everyone else inside for shelter.

Here's a pic of the size of the hail. Relative to a dime, it wasn't all that big really, but it sounded larger as it hit things like the windows.

Despite all the craziness that Monday's can sometimes offer...

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