Monday, August 25, 2008

Featured with thanks!!!

Our shop is featured today (AUG 25TH) on a blog called ETSY STUDIO'S.
Etsy Studios was created by Kerry Grbich, to showcase Etsy workspaces.
She features new workspaces regularly.
AUG 25th entry (UxCritter's Place)
Kerry can be found at her Etsy shop, "the red door",
I always wanted my craft room organized a bit better...
Since our move to the new house exactly a year ago this month, I've been struggling to get my craft room set up so it's comfortable to create in. It's been a real process unloading boxes, and trying to set up places for everything so it's all handy.

The renovations of the entire house, which was gutted for the most part and redone, was as any reno job, quite long and disturbed any chance of somewhat 'normal' day to day activities. Construction dust, noise, and constant shifting of possessions was a daily occurance for many months.

Some BEFORE & AFTER shots of the house:

It wasn't until the plush carpeting went into the downstairs living areas that the construction really halted. At that point, it was well into winter and too cold to work outside and too nice to bring tools etc inside.

I looked at my room and it was truly overwhelming!and since there wasn't any easy fixes, or mixes.....

At this point I had a lady who is amazing at organizing, (HI TRISH!) come in and help me for a few days to get the main onslaught of overwhelming trimmed to a more workable atmosphere.

It still needed fine tuning, and this is where the little ones, I call, "miracle workers", came in.
My neighbour's two little girls are really cute and are two super little helpers.

Justyce, the older one, can enter a cluttered room and have it organized within a very short time frame. She is absolutely wonderful! And she's only 7. She just turned 7 two days ago.


And lil miss Penelope, as John calls her, as it's her real middle name, is Justyce's sister.

Alexis, turned 5 last month.


So, now my two little miracle workers are revealed. They both love to craft and draw, and spend time with us drawing pictures to put on our fridge, and making beaded items too.

They like my bead room and find sorting little tiny beads etc, a treat. They are rewarded with beads and craft things to take home. It's a great sharing experience.

Terrific little girls! And budding crafters!

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Ashley said...

Awww, what cute little girls! Happy Birthday to them!