Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A busy day but we had time to be creative

Today was quite a busy day running errands. Scooting around to several appointments. I had hoped to list more items on Etsy today, as I haven't in awhile, but instead we managed to be creative once again in the kitchen. And now I have something to blog about this evening. Late, but here is our excerpt for today.

We decided to try our hands at egg rolls.

Remember this is very new to us. So we aren't sure of our flavors just yet. So I won't be uploading the recipe for these right away.

They taste rather good, but we tried a bit of this and a bit of that and want to prefect it a bit more prior to uploading our definitive results. Please share if you have any really nice recipes you enjoy for egg rolls.

We were surprised at how easy they are to make and how many that can be made from one batch of wraps.

We made pork egg rolls. We made shrimp egg rolls. And we made beef with shrimp egg rolls.

This was such a fun process creating the egg rolls that we continued on with making some wontons for wonton soup. This soup is John's absolute favorite soup when we go to the chinese buffet.


Sarah (aka lilUx) is the best wonton and egg roll wrapper! Her's look so great!
And with all this creative flow in the kitchen she carried right on by making a nice pie for dessert! A butterscotch pie! YUM!


DESTASH of my supplies:

I did manage to get a bit of sorting done this evening. I have 2 bead cases FULL of beads, findings, and just a whole potpourrie of destash items that I'd like to list in my Etsy Shop hopefully tomorrow.

LOT #1: Golds

The above case I tried to make a mixed lot of gold colored items.
And the case below I tried for more silver items in that mixed lot.

LOT #2: Silvers

Here are some close-ups of the 1st LOT of gold colored beading supplies:>

And a few close-ups of the silver lot of beading supplies:>


missknits said...

yum egg rolls and that pie looked so good!! i cant even imagine trying to make my own egg rolls or wontons! but i bet they were worth it!

Poppy's Mom said...

Yum! I am getting hungry just looking at that. Can't you guys be busy like this at MY HOUSE?

Want to see a recipe!

Tell Dad Hi!


jennifer reid coderre said...

suddenly i'm starving - your cooking is amazing!

love the destash trays. great idea!