Friday, August 15, 2008

A day that means varying things to all.

For the most part to me, it means, WEEKEND. Yay! Hoo Haw, it's Friday!

Family time.

A bit of relaxing time.

Visiting time, especially with summer months, it spells goodtimes and possible BBQ's if the weather permits.

A bit of travelling to see some sights, a bit of shopping, and of course, it (the weekend), never seems to be long enough to do all the many things you'd like to do!

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yes! ESTY for all things handmade!

So,... with Friday, you can sort of jumpstart your weekend.

Maybe try extending the weekend a wee bit, not only by putting your mind into a prestart for the weekend, but some will actually, if possible, rev the day up a bit by getting all the work done early with hopes of stepping out early.

I thought it would make a Friday, even a nicer Friday, with some photos that really make me laugh out loud.

A good dose of "FUNNY".

So.... to start, the number #1 photo that made me laugh this morning:

The "minimalist" look.

#2 Funny Photo:

Quiet enough neighbours.

And FUNNY photo #3:

(Dubbed SURVIVAL...)

Oh so true of a saying!

Enjoy your weekend Everyone!

1 comment:

missknits said...

happy friday to you too!! the kitty photos - too cute!! weekend here we come! yay!