Saturday, September 6, 2008

The CALL of FALL ........

Fall is calling.



How many of us want to listen right now???

Um, not me!

Not just yet.

How about you?

I am sorry Fall, but I am not answering your call at the moment. I just haven't finished with Summer. Perhaps because summer didn't give it's all this season. I think it is still wanting to show us it has something up it's sleeve. A few nice days maybe?

Then again, I read a magazine article that really helped me to 'deal with' this super fast spin through summer we had, that seemed to bring on fall way too early, and rob of us our sweet summer-time fun. Right now I am waiting to hear back from the editor to see if I can add the article in here. I really enjoyed his message in it.

* waiting for permission to insert a magazine article blurb here about Fall.
The editor wrote an article about the current seasons in Canada, and I really would like to link to it here.

Until the decision is in, the article is "The message from the CHILLOSOPHER, a.k.a. Scotty Stevenson, editor of Chill Magazine."

You can check out the website,

Unfortuneatley you can't read the article there. Which I wish you could. I commented on the site about that too. Hopefully they change that and add in the editor's message online. That is why I want to be able to show you the article here.





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Love this magazine "WHAT'S COOKING".

kind of neat how you can turn the pages online!


Gillianbeads said...

Ah, the nights are getting cooler Ux! Nice for sleeping...
I love the transition from summer to fall, but wish we could capture the blue skies and colourful leaves...hold that moment in time!

LoopyJ said...

I love fall! Love it.
And funny enough - I made that Kraft recipe tonight for dinner. It was very yum and I'd recommend it:)

UxCritter said...

That is so cool Loopy that you made the dish and can recommend it! Yes, it does look yummy!

Gillian, secret is out.... I really do love FALL. Always have, always will. I just don't like the cold and that is what follows the wonderful Fall season. cold, cold, Cold. It's just me and my getting older that have caused the dislike of winter, and a wish that Summer would last longer.