Wednesday, September 3, 2008


~Apple Pie ~
Not one of the prettiest pies I've made. I tried a new crust recipe. I still like my tried and true recipe that is literally a bear for punishment and can handle working it over and over again.
Not usually a good thing to do with pie crust recipes, as it toughens then up. But because my favorite pie crust recipe I usually use is made with brown sugar, it can take a lot of reworking and still it's light and flakey.
A great recipe, especially if you enjoy the little tykes helping you in the kitchen. My kids have always enjoyed baking and helping me in the kitchen.
My favorite Brown Sugar Pie Crust
(from Home on the Range)
5 cups flour
4 tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 tsp. baking soda
dash of salt
1 lb. lard
1 egg
1 Tblsp. vinegar
Mix the flour, brown sugar, soda and salt together in a fairly large bowl. Cut in the lard (with pastry blender or fingers) until the mixture is crumbly.
In a measuring cup, beat the egg slightly and add water to make 3/4 cup liquid. Add the vinegar and mix slightly. Add to the flour mixture and stir until mixed.
Keep in a plastic bag in the freezer. Whenever you need some let the dough thaw, use whatever is necessary and then refreeze. This stuff is a bear for punishment - it takes freezing and thawing and beating about and still comes out flaky and tasty.
Warm handed people do have to take care, however. Sometimes in working the lard into the flour, the lards gets soft too quickly and the whole thing turns to a sticky ball. A light hand is the secret.
~ Bon App├ętit~

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adornyourself said...

The pie looks so yummy!

That is my grannies recipie for pie crust and it IS the best one ever.
Thnks for posting it.