Friday, September 5, 2008

~ The Joy of Treasuries on Etsy ~

* I created this treasury that is still in the current treasury list until tomorrow. These are some of my favorite items from what is know on Etsy as "hearts". I included a couple of the comments from my treasury comment list. My comments are full and no one can leave anymore comments. I find it difficult to delete any comments, but it is wonderful to see them filled up. It shows that a treasury has been 'loved'. lol ; )
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Another Treasury
I don't think anyone ever tires of creating Treasuries on Etsy.
It's such a joy to see new items, new shops, and to bring those items and shops into view to share with everyone else who enjoys looking at the treasuries.
At the same time the featured shops receive wonderful promotion in the spotlight.
It just makes everyone feel so good!
Hearted Shops ~ Favorites of mine:
Shown in the order of the above treasury photos: if you love the featured items in my treasury photo above, be sure to check out the shop links below to enjoy them even more!
SouthamptonCreations's shop ~ i see the tiny toes photo just sold!!!! Yeah Southampton!
ShineYourHineySoap's shop ~ I just had to buy that awesome oatmeal soap!
* check out nancywallis' blog :
She has blogged about treasuries too! Oh such a wonderful processs these treasuries!

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