Wednesday, September 10, 2008



I took up the challenge!
(in 2 challenges.. I entered a BOOB challenge on Etsy too. .BOOB entries are in my shop now )

Weekend to End Cancer OTTAWA

I discovered this website via another fellow Etsyian's blog, and was overjoyed to be able to help in some way to "Help The Cure".

Loopy4ewe's Blog:



My contributions:

...with me being a CritterNut...

I made cat toys with my home grown catnip. It is organic and very strong scented. I decided to create a cat toy in the shape of the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon design, and fill it full of strong cat mint. I always double the thickness of my cat toys so they last so much longer and hold together better and the contents of the dried leaves cannot easily come through the toy.

They come highly recommended by my cats, the neighbour's cat who steals them and takes them to his house, and any cat who's tried one of my cat mint toys! S*T*R*O*N*G & F*U*N


These toys I've created are crocheted and embellished in various ways with ribbons, flowers and beaded lace.

The Bath Salts


These PINK bath salts are available in ROSE scent, MULBERRY, STRAWBERRY PEACH, and CHERRY.

A nice sample size for your bath, or for a foot soak and hand soak for manicures, pedicures.

Epsom salts are the ulitmate soak. Great for soothing soaks to relieve stress, calm aching muscles, reduce swelling and absorb odors.

Bath Salts and Cat Toys ~ for this special campaign will be availabe in my Etsy shop as soon as I can get them listed online.


Please check often and see not only these new items, but all the fun regular items my family and I create and list in our shop when we have new ideas.


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