Thursday, September 4, 2008


It's only Thursday. Not Who Haw it's Friday. Not the weekend either..... But it was still a very good day!!!

Dre had her baby!!!

Dre, is shop owner of Willowcatstudio on Etsy.


We've all been waiting for baby Willow for awhile now, as she was a little late arriving.

The Canadian thread on Etsy has been all a flutter and today was no exception! Actually we're all the more a flutter now!

Congratulations Dre and Hubby! And happy day for big brother and big sister too!!!

I made some more pies today. So we might as well enjoy some while you're reading the blogs!

Cherry, or Apple????

I'm having cherry pie myself...............mmmmm.

And if anyone can tell me the secret as to how to keep my oven clean after the pies overflow from bubbling over. I'd love to know! I do put a lot of filling in my pies, but I didn't think it was too much. I'm very consistant though on having my pies overflow, make a smoke show in the kitchen from the burning sugary syrup on the oven floor, and having to scrub the mess it makes after the pies are done.

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