Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, though I didn't get an exact, "yes", to linking to, or including the Chillosopher's editorial on my blog here. I'm going to take this email as a yes. (be sure to check out the October issue of CHILL Magazine with this great article Scotty wrote below. Available at The Beer Store now.)

Hello Paula!

... Would love to evolve our brand and our CHILLosophy through blogs such as yours, and yes I have lots to say to those willing and eager to listen.

In essence, CHILL Magazine is striving to become the “After 5 and week-end” specialists, with the mandate of helping people slow down, relax and simply CHILL!

Our take on fall, is much like our take on everything we cover; “Positive”. In a media world steeped in negativity we are trying to evolve a Positive News Network through CHILL Media Inc. As we all know there is a silver lining in everything; it simply depends on one’s personal perspective. We do not want to appear Pollyannaish, just positive, because T.V, daily newspapers and a host of other mediums provide us an over-fill of gratuitous sex, violence and depressing facts, and often forget that a little humour, a lot of fun and some insightful and uncanny ideas on how to spend our downtime is essential to our sanity!

P.S We are re-launching our website on December 1st, and it will include a complete design refresh and a daily blog!


I want to thank Scotty Stevenson for his superb email and wonderul reflexes at a "red light" stop in traffic so he says, when he initially contacted me with a brief but unconcise message which he later clarified in the above message. Not exactly a "yes" to my querey... but I'll take it as such. LOL

Thanks Scotty!!!! (on with the FALL WHISPERER's words of wisdom............)

"It's hard to believe it folks, but yes, SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER. I know it seems like only yesterday we were packing away the parkas, happily looking forward to everything that the golden season has to offer, barbecues, cottages, a game of golf, tossing the football, mountain biking, fishing, tennis, ball games, outdoor concerts, an evening run or morning swim, pints on the patio, beach volleyball, flip flops, T's, back road drives, roller coasters, theme parks and most importantly long lazy SUNNY DAYS!

Therein lies the problem. We couldn't enjoy any long lazy sunny days, because we were forced to endure record-breaking weeks of rainfall.
We couldn't take back road drives as a result of soaring energy costs, and almost everything else we listed was weather dependant, so our options were pretty much limited. We could complain to our co-workers and neighbours about the cost of gas, and the terrible weather, we could recoil into our couches and watch endless hours of old TV programs, but if you think about it, we are essentially acquiescing to the weather and the economy, and how Canadian would that be?

Yes, it was all starting to dampen our spirits also, that is until we hooked up with George Stroumboulopoulos. His infectiously positive personality reminded us that life is good, and we shouldn't let a little downpour get us down. Interviewing the interviewer (on a rainy day nonetheless), the reigning icon of Canadian chat even had us excited to say goodbye to Summer.

Because that means the start of the NHL, the NFL, College ball and the NBA. Sixty days from another World Series and 90 days before another great Canadian party at the 96th Grey Cup. The start of beer league hockey, touch football, wings and beer after the game, the new fall TV schedule, kids back to school, the Toronto Film Fest, US Open tennis, fall golf and lots more. Reviewing the past several years, well, it may even mark the start of Summer if we get our traditional September and October 25+ temperatures. And last but not least, a new season of The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, which means more George!
Yes, life is good!

So get out and enjoy the last lazy days of Summer, prepare your goodbyes, and get ready to kick back and settle in for an exciting new season. Is it easy to forget about your worries and the state of the world? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Worth the effort, ABSOLUTELY!
Find something you love to do and just do it.


Scotty Stevenson
Your friendly neighbourhood Chillosopher"

Look for the October edition of CHILL at The Beer Store starting September 29th.

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Gillianbeads said...

Great article Ux, thanks for posting it! Bring on the fall!